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What is Line?

By Luiginna Frederique

Volume 1 Issue 1

November 1, 2020

What is Line?

Original artwork by Luiginna Frederique

One of the primary elements of artistic creation is line. Defined most simply as points moving in a space, lines aren’t given enough credit for the impact they can have on a piece. The angle, width, and, even texture, of a line transforms a piece entirely based on its use. Not only are lines used to define shapes and figures, but a still image could resemble different motions and emotions based on the use of the line. Light and shadow could also be simulated through effective use of lines. Thick, textured lines can resemble a dark and more grimy part of an object, where as thin, delicate, and neat lines could be used to show how much light is shone on an object. Hatching is a popular technique that uses lines to portray color differences or even shadows in an image. Contour lines are also a great use of line. It’s a technique used to outline the most prominent features of an object or subject. In addition to line techniques that emphasize texture and light, the shape of the line can also add an aesthetic or essence to an image. Organic lines, more “realistic” lines that can be found in nature, can make an image seem smoother, or create a flow within the image. Inorganic lines, straight edges, neat and “perfect” lines, connect to a modern and man-made look.

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