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Movies to Watch this Halloween

Hydrangea, Staff Writer

Volume 4 Issue 1

November 6, 2023

 Movies to Watch this Halloween

Image provided by Depositphotos

Halloween is upon us once again, and with it comes the desire to watch horror films—or just something a little creepy! If you are looking for something to watch this Halloween, this article contains eight movies; whether you’re looking for something a little more fun, or you’re a horror fanatic, I hope I’ll be able to give you something new to watch or reintroduce you to an old favorite! 

(DISCLAIMER: Not every film on here is suitable for all students, especially younger ones. Even those with PG or PG-13 ratings may contain content that can be inappropriate for some.)  


Wendell and Wild (2022, dir. Henry Selick; PG-13) 

When Kat Elliot, an orphaned teenager with mysterious powers attending a Catholic school, summons demon brothers Wendell and Wild after they promise they will resurrect her parents. Kat, her classmate, a teacher with similar powers, and a demon-hunting janitor are pulled into an adventure full of zombies, cover-ups, punk rock, and criticism of the American prison system. While not quite scary, Henry Selick’s latest film, featuring the ever-hilarious Key and Peele duo, is a fun one to watch this month.  


Beetlejuice (1988, dir. Tim Burton; PG leaning PG-13) 

After a car accident, a young couple finds themselves stuck as ghosts haunting their own house. When unbearable new tenants and their mysterious daughter move in, they do everything in their power to try to scare them out—attracting a self-proclaimed “bio-exorcist” named Beetlejuice who causes even more trouble. More funny than scary, this is a great film to watch if you just want to get in the Halloween spirit! 


Coraline (2009, dir. Henry Selick; PG) 

Based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, this stop-motion animated movie follows a girl named Coraline and her discovery of another world that seems so much better than her own…that is, until its version of her family tries to keep her there forever! Admittedly, I’ve never finished this film, but I still think it’s an amazing movie that anyone who loves stop-motion animation should check out.  


Scream (1996, dir. Wes Craven; R)  

In this classic slasher, a girl named Sidney Prescott and her friends, cross paths with a masked killer terrorizing their town. This movie, full of twists and self-aware humor, is a must-watch for any newcomer to horror.  


M3GAN (2022, dir. Gerard Johnstone; PG-13) 

A sci-fi and horror mashup for the ages, this movie tells the story of M3GAN, a life-like robot programmed to be the perfect companion for children. When its inventor unexpectedly gains custody of her young niece, she uses the robot for assistance—but things get violent when it starts attacking anything it deems a threat to the girl.  


The Conjuring (2013, dir. James Wan; R) 

Moving is always a stressful event, but at least you’ll probably never be as unlucky as the Perrons, who find themselves haunted by an evil spirit in their new house. This film kickstarted a franchise that is still going strong today—a spin-off, The Nun II, just hit theatres back in September.  


IT (2017, dir. Andy Muschietti; R) 

Based on the classic Stephen King novel, a group of kids are terrorized by a demon who feeds off fear and have to overcome their various fears in order to defeat it. This movie follows the first half of the novel, while the second half is adapted into a sequel.  


Carrie (1976, Dir. Brian De Palma; R) 

Another Stephen King adaptation, this film follows Carrie White, a shy teenager bullied relentlessly at school and abused by her ultra-religious mother, who discovers that she has psychic powers. Things begin looking up for her when she is asked to prom by a popular boy and is even crowned Prom Queen—but when one final prank is played on her, things go terribly wrong.  


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