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12 Pieces of Advice for Upcoming 12th Graders

Jeselys Vazquez

Volume 4 Issue 5

June 26, 2024

12 Pieces of Advice for Upcoming 12th Graders

Image Provided by Jeselys Vazquez

Hi, my name is Jeselys Vazquez. I’m a graduating senior of the Class of 2024 and have been a member of the North Star for 3 years. It has been fun being part of an intelligent and creative group of writers these past few years. Being at North since 7th grade looking back from then until now, I have a different mindset. Especially in 12th grade, there have been many important lessons I learned that I wish someone would have shared with me about senior year. So, I hope to help guide the new upcoming seniors. I wanted to share 12 pieces of advice for the new 12th grade students:   


  1. Senior year is an exciting year, but don’t let “senioritis” or your peers’ “senioritis” kick in and affect you. Everyone wants to have many free periods, so they don’t have many classes and make their lives easier. However, it is not the same for everyone because you may still need certain credits to graduate, so it varies for everyone.  Create your schedule based on your needs. 

  1. Have fun! I know it may sound contradictory to say that when you’re in school, but there will be many school events and games to go to so try to make as many as you can.   

  1. For Regents level students in English, the college process will occupy October to December with writing your college essay, college applications, creating your resume, collecting your teacher recommendations, etc. For students taking an AP English level course, you will start to draft your college essay earlier that summer so once you come in you just clean up and get done sooner. Either way, you will be ready by the time you submit your essay for the application deadline. 

  1. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the college application process, do not be afraid to contact your guidance counselor with any questions or concerns and they will help you. Also, if you have anything on your mind or going on at school or at home, we have wonderful psychologists that are there to help, listen, and give you any advice you need. 

  1. As it is the last year, a lot of people have made their friend groups and stay in their circle, so don’t feel left out or weird when people seem to be in their corner. It is normal, just always keep in mind to be kind to others, if you don’t feel comfortable then don’t push it.   

  1. Remember you’re not obligated to be friends with everyone, as you’re not for everyone. Surround yourself with good people you trust and bring the best out of you, who are there for you through the good and bad.   

  1. Don’t be afraid to try out for a sports team, a play, or something new just because others might think or not good enough. Never let fear stop you from doing something you want to do. Even if you don’t make it, it is ok!   

  1. When things don’t work out, that doesn’t mean it is over and that you should give up.  It means you should try again later and if it still does not work out, then there may be better something set out for you. In the end, it will work itself out.   

  1. Obviously, the excitement for prom comes around and everyone is trying to get a prom date, so people tend to talk to people or tend to get into relationships to guarantee the idea of going with someone, but don’t force it. You don’t need a date to have at the prom, you can go with your friend whether girl or boy, a cousin, even siblings if you wanted to and have fun with all your peers and have a great night before you all graduate.   

  1. Relationships or getting into a relationship senior year is not the wisest decision because it is your last year before you head into your next chapter, and you meet new people there. It is best to stay away from them and not to end with a headache. Sometimes on rare occasions some relationships last but it's best to keep things platonic and start off by just talking to get to know each other but never jump the hoops into being a couple already.   

  1. Never put yourself down or let someone else make you question your value. Don’t let anyone tell you that you do not deserve good things or deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Don’t feel that you’re not at the expectation of what social media projects how you should be. Half of what you see on social media, even on the news is not 100% true, so don’t feed into their ideas. Live your life how you want responsibly and happily.   

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others, you’re not the same person with the same goals and lifestyle. The only person you should be competing with is the person you were yesterday, do better for yourself and make healthier habits to be a better you for you, not for anyone else. Make yourself a priority because if an aspect of your health triangle unbalanced than the other aspects will be as well, so focus on yourself before others.   

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