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A Fresh Start

Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 4 Issue 1

November 6, 2023

A Fresh Start

Image provided by Adobe Stock

To high schoolers young, both near and far,  

Listen closely to this guiding star,  

For life's a journey, a winding art,  

A chance for each, a fresh, bright start. 


Ninth graders, so new, like buds in spring,  

With eagerness and dreams to bring, 

 Embrace the change, step forth with might,  

You're on a journey, take that flight. 


Tenth graders, finding your path's delight,  

Explore and learn, day and night,  

Your roots are growing, strong and deep,  

A fresh start's promise, your dreams to keep. 


Eleventh graders, the weight of choices near,  

Embrace the challenges without fear,  

Your future beckons, a canvas blank,  

Put in the hard work now, later you’ll thank. 


Twelfth graders, it's your final bow, 

 But a fresh start awaits, as you go now,  

You're on the cusp of something grand, 

 Hold your dreams tight, in your hand. 


To high schoolers, in this new day's light, 

 A fresh start awaits, so shining and bright,  

With courage, kindness, and dreams to impart,  

Embrace the journey, it's a fresh, new start. 


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