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By Eva Grace Martinez

Volume 2 Issue 7

June 13, 2022


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Hello everyone! My name is Eva Martinez, and while I am an editor here at NORTH STAR, I am also president of Valley Stream North’s LBGT+ affinity group: The Alliance. The primary goal of The Alliance is to make North a safer space for all students by creating a safe space for its LGBT+ students. We have many events throughout the year, such as the Social Justice Summit and participating in the National Day of Silence.

The Alliance meets every other Monday at 3:15, and I can honestly say it is one of the best clubs North has to offer! We discuss all topics pertaining to gender and sexuality, as well as current events we decide are relevant. If you like to discuss how who you are intersects with our school environment, The Alliance is the place for you. Additionally, The Alliance is…well… an alliance. We welcome anybody into our club if they are interested.

If you are curious about The Alliance, you are absolutely welcome to join us for a meeting. We have a fairly open attendance policy and promise we won’t be upset if you only show up once!

If you need more convincing to show up to a meeting, I can tell you that few other clubs have felt as impactful as The Alliance in my high school career. When I started in The Alliance, the club only had a handful of members, and our biggest event of the year was a trip to an all-Long Island GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) conference. Now, we’ve held two Social Justice Summits where over 100 people tuned in to hear our voices.

As the club grows in numbers, I cannot wait to see the wonderful rainbow-colored future our current members create! If you think that helping us paint the town rainbow sounds like the club for you, join the Alliance team, and help us brighten North’s future!

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