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An Interesting Situation

By Victoria Niksa

Volume 3 Issue 3

February 24, 2023

An Interesting Situation

Image provided by Pexels

How could Cirice end up in this situation? Her in the same room with her crush, Jacob. 

Jacob: “Ugh, why are you here?” 

Cirice loves him. He hates her. Why? Nobody knows. Not even Jacob knows why he hates her either. 

Cirice: “Oh, uh- hi! Sorry, I’ll just go-”  

Jacob: “Stay.”  

Cirice could feel her face burn up. No way in the name of ghost would he want her in the same room as him. 

Cirice: “I can go-” 

Jacob: “I told you stay.” 

Cirice: “Ok but what if I don’t want to stay?” 

Jacob: “We both know you want to stay so just stay put.” 

Cirice: “O-okay…”  

She did as he told her, and she sat there. A few minutes had passed and not a word left either person’s mouth. The silence was so loud. 

Cirice: “So, how’ve you been?” 

Jacob: “Really? Small talk? Fine, I’ve been good, I guess. You?” 

Cirice: “I’ve been… better.” 

Jacob: “Why so blue? You’re not as outgoing as you were last year.” 

Cirice: “I’m alright. I’ve just been going through something with my kind-of-friends.” 

Jacob: “Well… Do you wanna talk about it? Not like I care or anything, but I’ll listen.” 

Cirice felt her eyes burn, her throat swell up. 

Cirice: “You’d actually l-listen to me…?”  

Her voice started breaking. She’d started praying that she wouldn’t start crying in front of him. She’d rather fail one of her classes than have that happen. 

Jacob: “Yeah… Are you okay?” 

Cirice: “No… I’m not okay… I-I’m sorry I d-don’t wanna cry i-in front of you… This i-is so embarrassing-” 

Jacob: “Do you want a tissue?”  

Jacob asked as he brought her a box of tissues. 

Cirice: “This is the nicest thing someone has ever done for me in a while… Why are you being so nice to me? II thought you hated me…” 

Jacob: “Hard to hate you when you’re clearly in need of a friend.”  

Jacob had a slight smile on his face. Cirice had quite the opposite expression. Within seconds tears started to form and fall from her eyes. She felt so embarrassed. Crying in front of her crush. She felt so weak. 

Jacob: “Your… Your eyeliner-” 

Cirice: “My eyeliner is the least of my problems! C-can’t believe y-you’re seeing me c-cry…” 

Jacob: “It’s not the first time… All those times in orchestra last year, in the hallways-” 

Cirice: *hic* “You’re not m-making this a-any b-better…” 

Jacob: “Sorry- I didn’t mean to-“  

Before he could say another word, she began sobbing. Hands covering her face, eyeliner streaming down, her lipstick smearing, this was the most vulnerable Jacob would ever see her. 

Cirice: “D-don’t look *hic* at m-me…” 

Jacob: “Do you want a hug…?” 

She nodded her head slightly. He slowly wrapped his arms around her. She felt warm and fuzzy. Him hugging her wasn’t enough, instead she was crying even more. After hearing her sobs, he knew how he could calm her down. He pulled away from the hug. 

Jacob: “Hey… Can you look at me for a second?”  

She slowly began to look up at him. The two having eye contact for a few seconds. Jacob knew what he had to do, and he got it done and over with. He leaned in to kiss her. He knew it would calm her and it did. It did only for a split second. 

Cirice: “W-what!? Why- What- How did you get this idea-” 

Jacob didn’t want to deal with her questions, so he did the only thing he felt he should do, and he kissed her again. For a bit longer this time mostly so he could think of an answer for any questions she might have for him. 

Cirice: “If the point of you kissing me was to calm me down it worked. You’ve taken my mind off my friends.” 

Jacob: “I say that you ditch them.” 

Cirice: “You don’t even know them or what happened.” 

Jacob: “Doesn’t matter. Clearly if they’re making you cry then they did something to hurt you.”  

Cirice: “They did… one of them has been my friend since we were in kindergarten…” 

Jacob: “Don’t start crying on me again… I know you most likely don’t want to let her go but you’re going to have too eventually.” 

Cirice: “My mom told me that we’d be friends forever…” 

Jacob: “I don’t wanna sound cliché but forever is a long time and your friendship is going to fade away eventually. You’re not even going to notice when it happens.”  

The two had sat in silence until another question came up. 

Cirice: “Wait… why are you in here in the first place because Kae told me to meet him here-” 

Jacob: “Kae told me to meet him here too…” 

Cirice: “Did he-” 

Jacob: “I think he did…” 

Cirice: “That is one bold, bold move… I am so going to yell at him tomorrow morning and I cannot wait for it…” 

Jacob: “Relax… This was an interesting situation…” 

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