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Badminton Season

Rehmat Kaur

Volume 4 Issue 4

May 29, 2024

Badminton Season

Image Provided by Coach Croce

The badminton season started, and the team has new players and captains this year. With tryouts from March 18th to March 19th, Coach Croce has chosen the 19 best players who will positively impact the team and its performance. I had the lovely opportunity of interviewing some of my teammates and asking them about their hopes and aspirations for the badminton season.  

COACH CROCE: “My hope for this badminton season is not only just to win our matches, but continuing to build relationships with the team, while helping them become even more successful scholar-athletes, always improving their skills. This is a special group that I have this season, and I believe, whether we win or lose, we will have an impactful, positive, and memorable season.” 


MELANIE CEVADA: “I hope that this year, now that we are more educated in badminton, we can grow as a team and get better. We have a lot of girls who have great potential and show great sportsmanship that I have a lot of faith this year. I believe that our entire team can achieve the best of their skills and prosper with our abilities.” 

REHMAT KAUR: “My hopes for the team are that we discover our potential and get a lot of wins. Last year was a tough one, but I am very hopeful for this year. We have many new talented players that have a lot to offer to the team. For me as a player I have gotten better with both my strokes and movement since last year, still a lot to work on but I’m welcoming this season with a ton of positivity!” 

ALISSON ALAS: “I hope that this year we become a stronger team not only physically but mentally. I hope we get more wins than last year and to just grow together as a team. As for me after 11 years of playing badminton as this is my last year playing, I want to make this year count and to be as successful as possible with the team. I hope to become a better player and fulfill my role as one of the captains to my best ability.” 

RICHMIA ERISNOR: “My goals for this badminton season are to not only get better as a player but get better as a person. I hope that with the experience that I'm getting from the team and all the different aspects of this season, my performance skyrockets. I also hope that I can receive more smashes and drop shots. I hope that the girls and I continue to stay friends, even after the badminton season ends. I hope that I can be a good role model for the upcoming girls as their captain.” 


SAHAR ALI: “This badminton season, I hope to make a contribution to the team and myself as well. We have a strong team with strong players, who have each other's back; even if we lose, we learn from those mistakes to improve. I look forward to what the rest of the season has to bring!” 

IMAN ALI: “My hopes for the season are to have at least three or more wins as a team and beat teams. We lost to last year. I also hope that we can improve on our weaknesses and perfect our techniques.” 

JESELYS VAZQUEZ: “My hopes for me are to become a better player than last year and learn new techniques and master them. So far, I have been seeing well progress with my teammates' support and kindness, making it feel less embarrassing. As a team, my hopes for the badminton family are to grow, stay supportive, maintain a safe place for all the practices, become a better version of ourselves and be top 3 of the school’s team and win a lot of games with our hard-working players and new members.” 

NAVROSEDIP KUNDLAS: “My hope for the season is to improve from last season. I feel we have a really strong team this year, and by learning and improvising, we can achieve all our goals. Personally, I would like to move up on the lineup with my doubles partner and win as many games as possible. By working on my drop shots and smashes, I hope to improve my own skills. I can't wait to see what comes next!” 

AVA HINSON: “My hope for this season is to become a stronger player and to be more involved. I hope that our team wins a lot of matches and that we become a tight knit group.” 

HIBA KISHORE: “My hopes for this badminton season are improving as a person, as a player and helping my teammates get better. We are not just a sports team but a small family that helps get better as a community practice after practice and game after game. Hopefully someday the VSN Badminton Team will win a conference, but step by step we’ll get there.” 

These are the goals and aspirations of the badminton players and the coach for this season. Hopefully, we can achieve them and make the year memorable! 

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