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Be My Valentine

By Huan Evo Alipio

Volume 2 Issue 4

February 10, 2022

Be My Valentine

Image provided by National Geographic Kids

Another year Another day 

Always seeing you just to say “hey”

I have been wanting for you to be my valentine

But I am quite frightened that we will not combine

The day I came up to you to break the question 

You shockingly voiced out a confession

That night we had fun and a delightful hour 

And me, thinking that you are the right person, I would give a bouquet of flowers

Mesmerized by your beauty, personality, and amazing sense of humor 

I see myself being with you in the future 

As we grow old, we stay together 

With you by my side making our every struggle light as a feather 

Sadly, I went up to the sky 

Even though I did not get a chance to say goodbye

There I was again in my new life asking, “Would you be my valentine?”

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