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C0D3 4NG3L

Annie Diep

Volume 4 Issue 4

May 29, 2024

C0D3 4NG3L

Image Provided by Annie Diep


Thirty years ago, alien beings, later referred to as “angels” --  

due to their eerie resemblance to the messengers of God -- began descending and wreaking havoc on the land of Ethyst. The once peaceful and prosperous land of Ethyst became overran with monstrous beasts that are more similar to demons in nature than angels. It wasn’t clear what their intentions were. However, what was clear was that the power of these foreign beings overpowered those of Ethystians. From their ability to regenerate lost limbs, to their ability to intercept magnetic waves and perform intense light energy radiation, it was clear there was no way of defeating them, let alone eradicating them....or is there? These never-ending attacks led Ethystians to come together and use their wits to create weapons and develop technologies, as well as evolve within themselves different abilities to counteract these mystical beings. 


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