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Cage (a short story)

Annie Diep

Volume 4 Issue 2

January 16, 2024

Cage (a short story)

Image Provided by Annie Diep

My mother owns a bird, or perhaps shall I say two birds? Since...I find myself resembling the dove my mother keeps in her office quite a bit. 

Like the dove trapped in the cage, I am confined to my room. 

Like the dove unable to fly because its wings were clipped, I am unable to walk because my legs are clipped. 

Like the dove, I used to think this was for the better. 

Like the dove, I thought this enclosure is supposed to protect me from the outside. 

Like the dove, I am punished when I ask for things that I do not deserve. 

Like the dove, all I know how to do is stare outside the window all day. 

However, unlike the dove, I am not allowed into her office. 

However, unlike the dove, she has not once looked at me besides when she punishes me. 

Unlike the dove...I am not loved. 

I guess now that I think more about it...I don't resemble the dove my mother keeps after all. 

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