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Choice and Voting

Jasmine Roberts

Volume 4 Issue 3

March 13, 2024

Choice and Voting

Image Provided by Harvard Law School

When one thinks of voting, we usually settle on the idea of large showings of national support for a specific candidate especially with the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election occurring this year. However, with most of us being barely old enough to step into a ballot box, I would like to support the idea of voting and voice an opinion in general: to be important no matter your age.  

I believe that one of the most universal feelings every teenager feels no matter their age or grade, is the hinderance to their autonomy. In such a chaotic world of growing up, parents, and school, it can feel as if the world is pulling you from one side to another without your word or consent on the matter. In truth, this isn’t your fault. Even though we are the ones maturing in a world that seems to reject large groups of us, we don’t have to suffer in silence. In this technologically advanced world, it is both immature and folly to believe that minors do not have a grasp on mature ideas. Ironically, some adults barely even have a grasp on these ideas themselves. We cannot blindly follow the leader. We minors deserve our own voices. 

People who desire to oppress the voices of youth are the same that train a future of compliance and the status quo, even when that norm might be despicable and detestable. We need bold, intelligent kids who desire change for the better, and we need courageous, articulate adults who will not comply with the evils of the rich and powerful. Even in the classroom and in homes, there needs to be a precedent of allowing minors to have opinions and convey their feelings, respectfully of course, because we are humans too! One silent voice is always one step away from democracy. 

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