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Click Click

By Zoie James

Volume 1 Issue 3

December 16, 2020

Click Click

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Click, click.

I sit at my desk and log into my laptop.

School starts in five minutes,

but there’s no need to rush

in the comfort of my own home.

Click, click.

I look at the time:

8:00 am.

Time for first period.

Click, click.

Both my hands type the notes on the screen,

although my eyes fight to stay open;

my brain struggles to think;

my body jitters; it can no longer stay still.

The school day drags on,

so why does time fly when I have a test?

Click, click.

I hastily turn in my assignment,

feeling the stress grow inside me.

It eats away at me

As I click

and click

and click

and click on the keyboard.

At last, the school day ends.

I shut my laptop, sigh,

and head outside

to watch the bright, fluffy clouds

before I click, click and click on my computer once more.

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