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COPPA Compliance and the Importance of Internet Safety

By Rachel Ezeadichie

Volume 3 Issue 2

December 23, 2022

COPPA Compliance and the Importance of Internet Safety

Image provided by Termly

Have you ever wondered how safe you were on the internet? How much information were websites taking and why? How safe is your information on the internet? Certain rules have been put in place to ensure the safety of you and your information. In particular, children’s information has been the focus of government officials and lawmakers. COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rules) is a set of rules and regulations in place for online companies that market towards children under 13 years of age. 

COPPA was originally written out and suggested in 1998 due to a growth in companies that targeted children. COPPA was only enacted in 2000 and has seen multiple reviews and updates since then from 2001-2022 by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). 


COPPA applies certain rules to websites and companies that are directed towards or collect the information of children under 13 years of age. If COPPA applies to a company, certain information needs to be included in the company’s privacy policy. Namely, the type of information taken and its reason for use. Additionally, parental consent is required in terms of seeking a child’s information. Personal information cannot be taken for longer than it is being used and data collected must be under careful supervision when in use and when it is discarded. Websites can only share the information with third-party operators’ who can ensure its safety and confidentiality. Parental consent and confidentiality of information are very important and are top priorities of the FTC when it comes to COPPA and the internet in general. So, you can rest easy knowing that your information is federally protected. 

Safety is one of the first components to be considered while surfing the web. While the internet is a fun place, it is also a dangerous one. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of your interactions on the internet. Going to dangerous websites jeopardizes your safety, your computer’s safety, and the safety of people around you. 

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