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Culture Night

By Everton Prospere

Volume 2 Issue 6

April 14, 2022

Culture Night

Image provided by Eva Martinez

On April 1st, 2022, Valley Stream North High School hosted its annual Culture Night. Celebrating the diverse community within North, students, staff, and the local community experienced the cultures of countries from various parts of the world. Events throughout the night ranged from food tasting, showcases on unique countries, and live performances. The night began with a food experience in the mathematics hallway. Although the dismal weather prevented this event from occurring outside in the courtyard, a brilliant display representing many different countries was created inside the school. Throughout the math hallway, booths were set up with foods from around the world and informational tri fold boards. Visitors experienced delicious dishes from countries such as Italy, Poland, Haiti, India, Pakistan, China, Guyana, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador.  After experiencing diverse cultures in the school, the attendees shifted to live performances in the cafetorium. Students first competed in a fashion show, representing traditional clothing from India, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Poland. Two students, Carolina Caraballo and Lucy Wu, won the competition and each received an Amazon gift card. Following the fashion show, the audience watched singing and dancing performances. The String Quintet, the Spartan Steppers, and many more groups and individuals participated to make for an entertaining night. Students seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire night: “The teamwork between advisors and students helped provide an enjoyable experience for all audience members with strong performances all around.” -Craig Papajohn-Shaw, (MC for Culture Night) “I found the Culture Night to be a very eye opening and diversifying experience from the food to the fashion show and the performance overall. I think it displayed the large variation of North’s culture.” - Daniel Ellis “I loved the food, the food was great, and I really loved the food.” - Ashrita Seelan “I was exposed to so many different cultures and experienced so many different tastes, sounds, and visuals.” - Joshua Hunt “I was appreciative of seeing the diverse community that is not always portrayed in everyday life.” - Anonymous “It was a wonderful day; I had a great time.” - Anonymous  “An even better ‘Class Acts’.” - Anonymous After a hiatus from the event due to the pandemic, Valley Stream North hosted a very successful Culture Night, 2022. A special thanks goes to the custodial staff, Language Honor Society, Culture Society, and the Audio-Visual club for helping put together this amazing event. Be ready for the next Culture Night in 2023!

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