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Dear Society

By Morgan Buly

Volume 3 Issue 1

November 7, 2022

Dear  Society

Image provided by The Inclusion Solution

Dear  Society,                


Why do you tell us to love ourselves, but bring us down? 

You tell us  to be ourselves, as long as we’re doing it the right way. 

You tell us we can love anyone, any shape or size.  

Yet you still choose the love of our life. 

You tell us to love our skin, but kill our kind.  

You say we’re in a safe place.  

Yet teenagers are depressed, students are stressed, and laws forbid you from being yourself.  


Telling us no matter how hard we try, we’re never enough. 

You're more concerned in gender identity and race than poverty and shooting.  

You provide people with an internet-based way to harass each other. 

You teach us to not like our size, ethnicity, hair, clothes and home. 

You teach us to kill and hate. 

You took our youth away, 

You make kids afraid to go to the deli,  

knowing that there is a chance they could die. 

You tell us that because of the body they were born in, we must work harder. 






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