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Easier Times

Elaine Ching

Volume 4 Issue 4

May 29, 2024

Easier Times

Image Provided by Annie Diep

I often find myself wishing for “the easier times”. 




easier times”  


When things weren’t as hard 

Earlier bedtime. 

Less homework. 

Longer playtimes. 


When you didn’t find yourself wishing for peace as much 

Blissful ignorance of everything going on. 

Not a care in the world. 

Nothing really mattered to you. 


When responsibility wasn’t automatically passed into your hands 

A bigger hand to hold onto. 

The safety net of someone older helping you.  

The knowledge that you weren’t completely on your own.  


When you weren’t anywhere close to growing up 

18 seemed millenniums away. 

Forever 10.  

Meant to be a child.  


Yet here we are. 

One year away from being “an adult” 

Trying to check off all the “serious, adult, big kid, grown up” to do’s 

College, SAT, ACT, “Prom!”, etc.  

All the “You’ll understand when you’re older.” things  


We may be older now, but I still don’t think our maturity is “were” it’s supposed to be.  

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