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By Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 2 Issue 7

June 13, 2022


Image provided by DK Findout

Look around

The world's changing all around

Colors flying

Babies crying

Out of all seasons

This one's my favorite for many reasons

Number one

And then I'll be done

Trees swaying

Children playing

Bouncing up and down

I can see the whole town

Breeze is chilly, kissing my cheek

Shivering, I run to the creek

Strands of hair come lose from my bun

And that's when it gets fun

Red, orange, yellow

That's when things start to get mellow



I turn around and see a pack

It seems like I'm flying

And then I start crying

Blood's dripping everywhere

Looks like the creek doesn't want visitors here

Is it me or am I hallucinating

Ghosts are emerging

Zombies are popping from the ground

I fall, waiting to be found

Excitement races through my body

Even though the blood is flowing

Laughter rings throughout my yard

My siblings' plan worked after all

Anger shoots up to my head

All I can see is red

Jumping up I face them

Humor isn't in my mind

A rock goes sailing in the air

I can't tell who began the war

But I all I know, is to get revenge


My body looks like a bloody mess

I knew I should have played chess

Instead I went outside

Not knowing I might not come back inside

Red, blue, white

Lights are flashing

My mother's screaming


Oh, how much I love fall

Making movies and all

5 stars

That's what we got

My father loved the movie after all

Maybe we'll make another one next fall

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