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Fun Day!

By Samantha Altieri

Volume 2 Issue 2

November 19, 2021

Fun Day!

Image provided by Augustine Magapan

On Thursday, October fourteenth, the Valley Stream North Class of 2027 participated in a Fun Day. Seventh graders played a variety of outdoor games from periods one to three. The activities allowed the students to bond with each other and create memorable team-building experiences, while also providing them a chance to destress. Members of SPO helped facilitate the event, with some members participating in the games as well. With games from Jenga to kickball, the seventh graders had a great time!

On Fun Day, the seventh graders were split into groups of eight to 15 students. Two to four SPO members were assigned to each group and guided the seventh graders through the activities, like a camp counselor would to their campers. There were a variety of activities the seventh graders participated in, including:

Kickball – two groups faced each other off in this sport, with SPO members watching and pitching.

Lawn Games – several groups participated in games such as 

Kam Jam, Spike ball, Connect 4, and a modified version of Badminton.

Potato Sack Race – three groups versed each other in this fast-paced hopping race.

Cup Pyramid – two groups faced off in this fast-paced building competition. Racing against the clock, the group that built the tallest cup structure won. The wind and other environmental factors added a nice twist, raising the stakes of the activity.

Steal-the-Bacon – six to eight groups faced each other in this intense version of Steal-the-Bacon. Students on each team were assigned numbers, and those who had the same number (one on each side), when called out, had to race to retrieve the pin and bring it back to their team to earn the point.

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