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Art & Culture

Hispanic Heritage Month

By Disha Bhalla

Volume 2 Issue 1

October 8, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month

Image provided by Arkansas Soul

Have you been hearing announcements every day on the loudspeaker about something called Hispanic Heritage Month? Hispanic Heritage Month or el Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana takes place every year from September 15th to October 15th and is a period of time for recognizing the influence and contributions of Hispanic Americans to the culture, achievements, and history of the United States. Since the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15th, North’s very own Culture Society has had its members prepare short introductions of many famous and well-known Hispanic American figures, as well as a bit about Spanish food recently. We even had our members try to incorporate Spanish into their announcements, with our Culture Society officers Disha Bhalla and Lucy Wu speaking their announcements completely in Spanish! We have covered famous and influential Hispanic American figures like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or AOC, Sonia Sotomayor, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rita Moreno, and Marco Rubio as well as even covering a Spanish food called Tostones. In the upcoming days, we will be covering individuals like Gloria Estefan, Ted Cruz, Ellen Ochoa, and Spanish foods like Dulce de Leche and Llapingachos. Some ways in which we all can celebrate or participate in Hispanic Heritage Month is by supporting a Hispanic Business, trying out a new Hispanic dish like the ones we have and will talk about, enjoying some Hispanic music and movies, and trying to learn some more Spanish on your own! Also, be on the lookout for the Culture Society’s announcements on Hispanic Heritage month every morning until October 15th to learn more about famous Hispanic American figures and some popular Hispanic foods!

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