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In Honor of Gina Pellettiere

Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 4 Issue 1

November 6, 2023

In Honor of Gina Pellettiere

Image provided by Massapequa Funeral Home

In the world of music, a teacher's grace,  

Gina Pellettiere, a shining face.  

Dude, was her call, all fun through and through, 

 In her community, bonds forever grew. 


In the band that felt like a family's embrace, 

 She built a supportive, positive space.  

A safe haven where her students could be, 

 Impacting their lives, a legacy to see. 


Energetic and full of life's zest,  

She inspired her students, always their best.  

Happiest memories, nugget fights and more,  

Creating bonds that our hearts still adore. 


As she played the trumpet, her passion did show,  

In band camp and karaoke, a vibrant flow.  

Her love for her students, an unwavering flame,  

Inspiring a music teacher, in her name. 


In her work, music's rhythm, and band's charm,  

She led with devotion, with warmth and calm.  

She'd ask about muffins, the weather, and more,  

Creating moments worth cherishing for sure. 


Gina Pellettiere, a teacher so dear,  

In the world of music, she's always near.  

Her impact, her energy, her legacy, so grand, 

 In the hearts of her students, forever to stand. 

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