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Interview with Alliance Club Officers

By Elaine Ching and Melody Chen

Volume 2 Issue 7

June 13, 2022

Interview with Alliance Club Officers

Original photography by VSN

North High School has a multitude of clubs, but one of the most welcoming is The Alliance. I took some time to interview the oldest and the youngest officers of the Alliance, Grace Martinez, the president who is a senior, and Sophia Reese, the vice president who is a freshman.

“What is it like being an Alliance officer?”

“Very fun, meeting new people, having new experiences, great officer and club experience as only a freshman, becoming higher up ranks in other clubs in future years”- Sophia

“It is really fun. The Alliance is a club full of people dedicated to the Alliance’s success and that very much shows. Additionally, I’ve been a part of the Alliance for many years and being able to lead it at this capacity, is incredibly enjoyable.” - Grace

“What is the Alliance?”

“Alliance was originally the GSA, the Gay-Straight Alliance, but we changed it to the Alliance, so we’re more inclusive to other parts of the community, including the Trans community”- Sophia

“The Alliance is North’s LGBT affinity group; we work to help support LGBTQ+ students at North alongside the straight members in North’s community”- Grace

“What is your experience with the Alliance and how has it helped your experience with your sexuality?”

“I’ve met more people that I’ve become closer with, and they’ve been encouraging to me, and through that supportiveness they’ve helped me be more comfortable, and now I can truly express who I am.”- Sophia

“I knew I wasn’t straight from a really young age, but finding a sense of community was difficult as I didn’t know any non-straight people. When I started here, The Alliance was very small, but I felt like even in that small number of people there was some sense of community and because of that I was able to be more open with myself and open to the people around me because I knew that I wasn’t going to be the only one. I was never going to feel alone in who I was.” - Grace

“What would you say to incoming seventh graders who are thinking about joining the Alliance?”

“Please join, it’s great for club credit. We don’t meet as much as other clubs, so it’s more of a flexible club and we have many opportunities to help decorate and to help spread awareness.”- Sophia

“Never be afraid to try. The Alliance is a place where you may find comfort or you may not, but never be afraid to show up on that first day. You’re always welcome to show up and leave, and you’re always welcome to come and try it out. Just keep trying. The Alliance has a space to accept you no matter who you are, but only when you’re ready to be accepted.”- Grace

“What would you say to your former pre-alliance self?”

“Put yourself out there more, meet new people, join more clubs, and make connections with people that aren’t just from your grade.”- Sophia

“It’s okay. Things get better. You’ll find a place where there are people like you, and you’ll stop feeling like the worst person ever for having feelings like you do. Learn to laugh a little bit, it’s okay to have fun.”- Grace

“Do you have any messages for graduating alliance members?”

“I am going to miss the seniors, so much. Thank you for giving me rides after school, so I don’t have to walk home! Grace’s legacy of The Alliance will live on because Grace made it what it is today.”- Sophia

“Outside of myself, thank you for always being here. It’s difficult to be the only person your age in the room, and I really appreciate you guys showing up, I wish you all the best.”- Grace

“Future plans for the Alliance?”

“I’m going to run for president next year, after Grace graduates. I have the most seniority of the most officers, not including Grace. Because I got a position in eighth grade, I have a lot of experience.”-Sophia

“I’ve done a lot of work to make The Alliance as a club functional, and I hope the Alliance moves past being functional and becomes something well beyond. The Alliance is a celebration of North’s community and North’s unity. I hope after I’m gone, The Alliance continues to be a celebration of all of us together, we will be more than we were. My only real hope is that we continue because that’s what matters. That people are here, and visible and present, so that the day comes when someone new walks into the room, that they have a room to walk into. I hope The Alliance grows bigger than me and that by the time I go back that I am so far gone in Alliance history, my work is borderline irrelevant for someone has done something so cool.”- Grace

Congratulations to Grace on graduation, and good luck to Sophia on their future work in the Alliance!

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