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Interview with Volleyball Star Alessandra Llubit

By Argelina Jeune

Volume 2 Issue 4

February 10, 2022

Interview with Volleyball Star Alessandra Llubit

Original photography by Alessandra Llubit

Alessandra (Ally) Llubit is a senior and has played volleyball for all four years of high school. It has taught her how to be a teammate and friend. Not only has it helped her grow physically but mentally as well. North Star interviewed Ally to understand her perspective on her experience over the past four years.

What do you like about your sport?

Volleyball has always sparked an interest in me. This is a sport that involves teamwork and I have a lot of love for my team. Compared to the other sports I play, volleyball comes more naturally to me. Since I have also played volleyball for around seven years, I have gained a lot of confidence and experience. In my opinion volleyball is satisfying to watch and play and will always be my favorite sport.

What has your sport helped you learn about yourself?

Playing volleyball has helped me realize that I love being a part of a team. This year's season in particular was so special, and I believe it had to do with the bond that my teammates and I created. I have learned how to pick my teammates up and to never give up on them through playing this sport. If even one player is down and not performing at their best, I was able to comfort them while giving them a pep talk and get their head back in the game.

How has this sport shaped your life and you as a person?

I believe throughout the years of playing volleyball I have gained a lot of leadership skills and I have become more vocal. I feel that playing sports in general can help you communicate better with others, especially with team sports such as volleyball. As I have played more games, I have become stronger mentally, allowing me to focus and relax during nerve-racking moments, such as playing this year's playoff game.

What will you miss about playing at North?

What I will miss the most about playing at North is definitely the team aspect. I have gained many long-lasting friendships playing volleyball. Especially this year's team, there are many sophomores and juniors and I never expected myself to become so close with them. Because of the bond we all had between us, we gained plenty of trust while learning from one another, and it all showed in the fact that we won conference champions. In addition, I will miss the guidance and encouragement that Coach Parisi provided all these years and Ms. Parisi plays a big part in my success as a volleyball player.

What do you look forward to in college?

College has caused me to experience a variety of emotions, such as excitement and stress. Throughout the application process, I have felt the most pressure and stress I have ever experienced in a while. However, wondering what my future may hold is still very exciting and anticipatory. In addition to being more independent and being able to make new friends, I am looking forward to having more freedom. The college experience overall is quite thrilling, and I cannot wait.

Do you plan on continuing to play this sport?

Although I have thought about playing volleyball in college, I decided not to play division volleyball, but instead to play club volleyball. Volleyball is not something I plan to play seriously, but only for fun, since I know I will still be drawn to the sport. In general, I enjoy playing the sport, so I don't plan to completely give it up.

North Star would like to thank Ally for the time she spent answering the questions for this interview; we wish her luck in her future endeavors.

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