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Entertainment & Media


By Ismaela Andre

Volume 2 Issue 4

February 10, 2022


Image provided by Channel Korea

Music is always around us. There are many genres to choose from and many to listen to. Many people listen to rap, pop, and R&B. However, more genres are taking the world by storm. One of them is K-pop. K-pop is Korean music that consists of Korean and English or only Korean. This music genre is taking over the music industry. Most K-pop music is made by groups. Some popular groups are BTS, NCT U, 127 and Dream, Twice, Itzy, Enhypen, Tomorrow x Together, Ateez, Stray Kids, Blackpink, and more. Even some solo artists like IU, Kang Daniel, also fit into this category. This musical genre is very inspirational. Most songs send global messages and inspire their listeners to come together as one.

At the beginning of the school year, I talked to two seventh graders. They both told me that they liked K-pop, and ever since then, we always say “Hi” to each other whenever we see each other in the hallways. In that example, I connected with two kids that are three years younger than me because of K-pop. This shows how K-pop can bring many people together. Also, K-pop artists aren’t all Korean. Some are Japanese, Thai, American, or French. Musicians of various races sing K-pop, and all races should feel comfortable listening to it. I recommend K-pop to everyone because it is a unique and diverse music genre. You may be hesitant at first because the lyrics are not sung in English; however, you should go for it because it is a fantastic experience. Have fun listening!

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