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Life is imperfect

By Gabriella Basile

Volume 3 Issue 1

November 7, 2022

Life is imperfect

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Nothing is Perfect 


Life is imperfect, and that is ok 

Stress is leaving your body, 

As good things come your way 

Learning how to find the good is the hardest part, 

but once it is found, it’s relieved in your heart 

No more anxiety over every little thing, 

The “craziness” is over, and is slowly being recovered 

The good in your life is finally being uncovered 


Leaving Me 


Life without you was hard 

I didn’t understand why you left,  

you didn’t ever write me a card 

I wanted things to be okay  

You said you left for good things, 

but it felt like it was to just be away 

I searched for perfect,  

but realized it’s not what people said 


The Feelings of Anxiety 


The feelings of anxiety can make you feel crazy, 

When you can’t control it, you don’t even feel normal  

No one is perfect… that’s real moral 

The only way to feel confident is to let it out 

Keeping it in, my horrible feelings, just makes me want to shout. 

I wish I knew how to tell people about it, 

Because now I can’t believe how much I grew. 

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