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Life of a Teenager

By Moanna Thelusca

Volume 1 Issue 4

January 20, 2021

Life of a Teenager

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I wanted to see students’ perspectives on life as a teenager. Here’s my perspective: the life of a teenager is difficult. It’s filled with joy and excitement, but it’s also filled with twists and turns that may, or may not, direct you on the right path for your future. Alongside that, we must meet society’s definition of what’s a “real” woman or man. But that’s just my opinion. Let’s read about other people’s...

Question: how would you describe the life as a teenager?

“If I were to describe the ‘life’ of a teenager in only 1-3 sentences, that would be a vast-in-size-task as I can only describe it in 1 word: Stress.”

- Giancarlo Oliveri

“A teenager’s life is like a very valuable time. It’s a good time despite the fact that we learn and stress things a lot.”

- Syeda Nabiha

I would say the life of a teenager is pretty stressful and hard. Many adults think we have it easier with technology and all, but in reality, we are living a depressed life. First, we are stressed about school then college and then after college we’ve got to worry about stuff we never learned or  were taught, and we have to learn it all on our own. If I want to hang out with friends, I don't have time because of school, and we are amidst a pandemic. But that doesn't stop people from understanding that we do feel too like we are literal robots. Wake up 7 in morning for school, then spend 8 hours for school, and then we must do clubs, homework and then worry about studying. We hardly have time for ourselves.”

- S.K.

“Life as a teenager is filled with uncertainty—about yourself, about your future, and about the world. However, the teenage years also come with the comfort that you don’t have to know all the answers now. Find joy in discovering who you are and who you want to be in this world.”

- Sumaiya Ramsaroop

“Life as a teenager can be hard sometimes because you’re trying to find out who you are, and what you want to be in life. Also, social life becomes more important because of high school. It makes a lot of things more stressful and maybe makes us want to shut the world out. Also, we are introduced to a lot more things like eating disorders, depression, anxiety, sex. In high school there’s drama, dating, losing friends, gaining friends. There is also a good side, though. You are taken more seriously, and you might have more privileges. People will start to listen to you more and people don’t think it’s a bunch of nonsense. Also, you are more mature. Your grades play a big role in school, especially if you want to go to college.”

- Shaniyah McAllister

“Being a teenager is weird. You’re not a child so you get multiple new responsibilities. But, you’re not an adult so you’re still considered young.”

- Jayden Polydore

In conclusion, being a teenager is challenging, stressful, chaotic, and stressful. But it’s also filled with excitement, love, mystery, and new adventures to discover. Now it’s your turn to answer the question: how would you describe the life as a teenager?

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