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Malverne Fall Festival

Andrew Lavoie

Volume 4 Issue 1

November 6, 2023

Malverne Fall Festival

Image provided by the LIHerald

Bouncy castles! Food trucks! Street vendors! You must be at the Malverne Fall Festival! On Sunday, October 15th, the Malverne Fall Festival was held outside of the Malverne Train Station. Many organizations attended including the Islanders who had hockey games to play, the Boy Scouts who were selling knishes and hot dogs, and even several live bands. This event is an iconic Malverne experience and has been happening for years.  

On that Sunday, I was helping the Boy Scouts at the festival by selling food. However, the Boy Scouts were not the only group selling food. There was a chicken and waffles truck, a Greek truck, and an empanada truck to name a few. Additionally, there were games and bouncy castles for the kids to play, including a shark ride that tried to throw its passengers off. Furthermore, there was a 5k as part of the festivities which Brian Guiheen of Chaminade won with a time of 17:37. Another event held during the festival was a car show. The show included numerous cool cars to look at and walk past.

Aside from all the activities, one of the most important things to do at the festival is socializing. Whether it is talking to a friend or meeting a new acquaintance, the festival is always a great place to socialize. However, humans were not the only ones who were socializing. There was a stand selling dog treats where many of them were able to play. There were many vendors at the festival selling various cool items. There was a person selling books, someone selling healing crystals, and even someone selling lizards.  

Back to the Boy Scouts: we were raising money to help pay for the wrapping of our trailer and a renovation of our summer campsite. We were able to raise $778 thanks to all the generous customers. Throughout the entire event, there was lively music and plenty to do and eat. My favorite part of the festival was the food because it was excellent, but I was not the only one having a good time. I saw people buy lizards, eat 10 knishes, and get thrown off the shark ride. It was an exciting time for everyone who was there, and I sure am looking forward to it again next year. Thanks again to everybody who donated to the Boy Scouts!  

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