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Meaning of Lines from Different Perspectives

By Nehilah Grand-Pierre

Volume 1 Issue 1

November 1, 2020

Meaning of Lines from Different Perspectives

Original artwork by Nehilah Grand-Pierre

What is line? Though seemingly a simple question, the answer may vary depending on whom you ask. To the math teacher, line is the geometric building block of polygons, the diameter of a circle, or y=mx+b. To the English teacher, line is the story, or “story line”, that guides a story from conflicts, through climax, and finally resolving in the end. Yet to the history teacher, line is time, or timeline, that we study to learn from the past to develop our future. 

It is evident that “line” is awfully vague, but the art teacher truly defines line. To the art teacher, line is defined by the artist, able to bend and flex at the stroke of a paintbrush or pencil. To the art teacher, line has endless meaning, and endless masterpieces that can be brought from it. This is the importance of art… exactly what the artist makes it.

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