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Memory Project Artists Creating a Kinder World through Art

By Luiginna Frederique

Volume 2 Issue 5

March 28, 2022

Memory Project Artists Creating a Kinder World through Art

Original photography by Gilana Etame

North’s Art Honor Society’s tradition of creating portraits for the Memory Project organization has continued with this year’s assignment being children in Nigeria. The Memory Project is an organization founded back in 2004 to create portraits for children in orphanages to create special memories crafted with love and kindness. Now it has grown into a worldwide project where artists from around the world come together to create portraits for children worldwide who are facing or have faced various challenges. As per tradition, the Art Honor Society has participated once more and created both portraits and inspiration artwork for children in Nigeria who have been displaced from their homes and left scared and scarred by the terrorism and violence they’ve faced due to a series of issues in Nigeria.

All Art Honor Society members and some members of the art club and Language Honor Society have created portraits and inspiration artwork inspired by 11 children in Nigeria.

Christabel by Katherine Cevada

Yusuf by Elizabeth Andre

Jaba by Luiginna Frederique

Esther by Isabella Somma

Yahaya by Ava Strojan

Godwin by Kimberly Shrestha

Mansir by Arunima Roy

Mustapha by Gilana Etame

Suwaira by Isabella Somma

Happiness by Elaine Ching

Art Honor Society members holding their respective portraits. (Kimberly Shrestha & Isabella Somma not included)

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