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Mixed Feelings Regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine

By Ismaela Andre

Volume 2 Issue 1

October 8, 2021

Mixed Feelings Regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine

Image provided by NY State of Health

The COVID-19 Vaccine has been around for several months now, and it’s a widely available vaccine that helps your body develop antibodies to protect you from COVID. However, does the person taking it feel protected?

Although I took my first dose of the vaccine, I still don’t feel safe in large, crowded areas, nor do I feel fully protected. I think that I can still be infected with COVID despite having the vaccine. I also think that other people can carry the virus whether they’re vaccinated or not. I can’t say that I liked getting the vaccine shot; however, I can’t say that I don’t like it either.

Students at Valley Stream North High school also share mixed views regarding the vaccine. Amelia Avila, a 10th grader at VSN, said in an interview:

I believe the Covid-19 vaccine has been a type of ‘safety net’ most people have been waiting for. There is no certainty behind it, but there is no certainty behind any vaccine during its beginning stages. Not only does it keep you safe, [but it also] keeps others safe as well. Some might argue that the COVID vaccine doesn't work because you can still get COVID, but no one has said that you cannot get Covid if you have the vaccine. Just like the flu shot, you can still get the flu, it just helps your body to prepare for the flu antibodies if they ever enter your body; the Covid-19 vaccine does the same thing.

Amelia acknowledged both opinions regarding the vaccine, and I agree with her. The COVID-19 vaccine might’ve been the “safety net” that people needed from this pandemic.

However, some students at VSN find the vaccine very helpful and they trust it. Syeda Zainab, a 10th grader, said in an interview that she “loved getting the vaccine. I felt protected and safer after I got it.” Some people, after getting vaccinated, felt safer than when they were unvaccinated.

However, there are also some students who have no views regarding the vaccine. Jamilie Ramirez, another 10th grader from VSN, said “I only don’t like the vaccine because after I got it, it hurt for a week.” Some people liked the vaccine but didn’t like the aftereffects that came with it.

There are mixed views regarding the vaccine, but each person can express their opinion about it.

How do YOU feel about the vaccine?

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