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Morning Roast

By Erin St. Angelo

Volume 1 Issue 4

January 20, 2021

Morning Roast

Original artwork by Kimberly Shrestha

The sun awakens from its slumber

As the sky changes from black to blue.

The birds sing and dance,

For they are joyous to fetch food.

A quiet ranch lay on a sloped hill,

Basking in the sun’s glory.

The smell of fresh, steaming, hot

Coffee fills the man’s nose.

The sheets were cold beside him,

His wife's whereabouts are unknown.

He leaves the warm, cozy

King-sized mattress to make breakfast.

The bittersweet decadent beans become

Fragrant as they brew.

The man and woman share their

'Good mornings', cherishing each other's presence.

Their first sips of the roast burns down their

Throats, a satisfying burn.

Their senses becoming more alert.

The man sighs in comfort and enjoyment,

Now ready to start his day.

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