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Mr. Rampersaud

By Sarah Velez

Volume 3 Issue 1

November 7, 2022

Mr. Rampersaud

Image provided by New Scientist Jobs

Mr. Rampersaud is a new teacher working here at North High School who was previously working at Central High School. This new school year, it is important for North to provide a comforting atmosphere where teachers can feel welcomed.  

Broad question, how are you liking North so far? 

Mr. Rampersaud: “I love it here, it’s a great school district to be a part of. Kids are great, staff is great, it’s a great location for me. I like how tight my science department is.” 

Is North a welcoming environment? 

Mr. Rampersaud: “North is an extremely welcoming environment, the staff I’ve ran into have all said hello to me, all asked me for my name, and introduced themselves. And the students have all been very welcoming towards me.” 

Is there a difference between North and Central? 

Mr. Rampersaud: “The layout of the hallways, and also, Central is only grades 10-12, meanwhile here is 7-12. The 7 graders are mad tiny. But other than that, the staff is just as great in both places and in my experience, the students are kind in both locations.” 

Have you always wanted to be a teacher? If not, what did you originally want to be? 

Mr. Rampersaud: “I guess I wanted to be a doctor, but senior year of college I realized that I would not be taking the MCAT nor would I want to spend another 8 years or so in school--that’s when I decided to do what I originally wanted to do, which was be a teacher, although I wanted to teach art history originally. It is the perfect career for me right now. 

Why didn’t you become a social studies teacher since social studies is everyone’s favorite subject? -question by Ms. Dragos. 

Mr. Rampersaud: “Technically art history is social studies, but the reason I didn’t get my Master’s in social studies education is because social studies isn’t as marketable as science. 

Do you have a good relationship with the students? 

Mr. Rampersaud: “I would hope so, but I believe it’s not up to me to decide that, but the other party. I can think we have a good relationship, but in reality, it’s not, you know what I mean? But I do think I do have a good relationship with my students, yes. They’re all good people.” 

What’s your favorite thing about teaching science? 

Mr. Rampersaud: “My favorite thing about teaching science—well, science is the most applicable to the real world, as in I think students would use what they learned in science more than they would social studies or math. And also, I really like teaching the double period. And, like, it’s fun. We get to demonstrate cool demos and run lab experiments” 

If you could meet anybody dead or alive, who would it be? 

Mr. Rampersaud: “It’s got to be the first human. The very first human. Let me see where we came from.” 




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