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Mundane Boredom

By Elaine Ching

Volume 2 Issue 5

March 28, 2022

Mundane Boredom

Original artwork by Elaine Ching

Sad sarcastic showrunners speak

He keeps her company

Echoes of past moments flood her thoughts

Illustrations of future dreams pitter-patter in the back of her mind

Sounds of nothing but quiet and casualness make up the setting

Brimming with nothing but comfortable, quiet company

Or the calm butterflies that still sit in their stomachs after all this time

Right hand intertwined with his left hand

Eyes looking down at their separate pens and papers

Dabbling in their philosophies as they borrow lessons learned from their other

Imaginative ideas flow from their pens as they use inspiration from real life.

Dutiful loyalty fills them as they sink into this mundane comfortable life

Every moment that they’ve spent with each other is forever burned into their skulls, but not all are brought up

As they let the background noise fade away, they focus on the current moment

So, in tune with each other that they realize they need a break

Exiting their chairs, they walk outside

She grabs his hand as she opens the door, feeling the fresh spring air on her face

Clicking her tongue in acknowledgment, she turns around to joke about the weather

As she turns to where he is, she realizes.

Pretty much everything from her past few hours is gone.

Eventually, she realizes none of it was ever confirmed, especially her bored companion.

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