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Oculus Quest

By Augustine Magapan

Volume 1 Issue 2

November 24, 2020

Oculus Quest

Image provided by ZLATA IVLEVA

On May 21st, 2019, the Oculus Quest was first released containing an abundance of reviews. I obtained the VR headset a year later on my birthday, August 17th, 2020. It came with two controllers and a charger for the gadget that’s for your head. Additionally, there were batteries in order to power the controllers. In comparison to other VR headsets, this one was wireless meaning there were no cords involved or any plugins you had to do. All you had to do was turn it on and simply set it up.

A camera is installed the headset in order to set barriers and protect you from the outside environment where you can knock things down during the time you spend in the virtual world. It was an experience so different; there was so much to learn, and the quality of the headset was outstanding as well. There were demos previously installed, in case you didn’t buy any games or had any thought about a specific game you wanted to get. I first downloaded a game called Rec Room, comprised of numerous mini-games and adventures you can pursue, and enjoy the remarkable experience with friends on different platforms, such as PlayStation, a computer, or mobile, who have the game as well. If you want to share your vision with your friends or people in the room, you’re able to connect your VR to a TV or any device by using the Casting System installed.

Having the Oculus was a very new experience and there’s still a lot to know about the headset. Recently, I learned about hand tracking meaning that the headset scrutinizes your hands, so you do not need to use the controllers. It made the headset simpler, but you would need the controllers still in order to play a game. Although there are many things you can do with the headset, you must have discipline while using it. According to Vesttech, a website that has numerous informational articles on technology, tech experts warn that the headset can give anxiety, nausea, eye strain, and radiation exposure. This means that you should be taking care of your body at the same time when you play by taking breaks. It’s best to play on the headset for about thirty minutes to an hour from my own experiences. Overall, the Oculus Quest is a great experience for people when they want to escape reality, into virtual reality.

Ironically for me, I acquired the Oculus Quest too soon. Oculus has released a new version of the original Quest called the Oculus Quest 2 on October 13th, 2020. It has the same factors as the first but has a better performance. Furthermore, it’s $100 cheaper than the original device. Reviews say that it’s just like the first Quest but has a stronger ecosystem and better graphics. Compared to the original Oculus, it has 50, and supports 90 Hz. People can get slimmer feel and take it anywhere since it’s more portable and has less weight. New accessories are released, unlike the first Oculus; people can get a comfier experience depending on what they like to use and wear.

Unfortunately, due to the Oculus Quest 2 having more features, there are no more sales for the Oculus Quest. Although this seems downhearted, this is just the start of a new beginning to the virtual world according to Oculus. They have many things planned for the future, and they will come out very soon.

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