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Art & Culture


By Isabella Somma

Volume 1 Issue 3

December 16, 2020


Original artwork by Isabella Somma

Perspective. How you view situations, the world, people around you, and everyday life. It influences your beliefs, personality, and how they you treat the people around you. Your perspective can change as you get older, based on whom you surround yourself with, interests and hobbies, beliefs, and morals. Your perspective has an influence on your artwork and creations too.

As an individual, I feel that my perspective on how I view objects, landscapes and colors changed as I began to understand the world around me and its complex aspects of depth, shape, and light. As a young artist, when I looked at a landscape or view, I only saw that the trees were green, the sky blue, the ocean blue, the sunset red, orange, and yellow. However, as I got older, I began to really look at a landscape and dissect the different elements to it. The way the shadows cast on the trees and the way the light from the sun cascades through the holes in the leaves. I noticed the movement of the wind and the water. This opened my eyes as I was able to recognize and pick apart distinct aspects of the images I was trying to recreate.

Like impressionist artist Paul Cezanne, who captured the movement of the sky and changing light in landscapes, I began to understand movement of light and how it impacts the final product you see. In a previous assignment I had to complete, I investigated Paul Cezanne and studied how he manipulated paint strokes to create images that give the illusion of movement and free flowing. This inspired me to try working with this view of the world constantly in movement. It changed my perspective on the world and how we see it. Everything is more complex than we initially thought when we were children. Simple things such as trees have so many dimensions, colors, and textures many chose to ignore. Investing my time in art helped me to realize this and change my artistic perspective.

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