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Precious Memories

Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 4 Issue 1

November 6, 2023

Precious Memories

High school life, what a ride,  

As a junior, with dreams so wide.  

Books and tests, and late-night cram, 

 Sometimes, it feels like a big exam. 


Lockers jammed with secrets and chatter,  

Every day, something new to matter. 

 Prom on the horizon, we're almost there,  

Hoping for a date, and the perfect hair. 


Teachers, some strict, some really cool, 

 In this high school world, we're no fool.  

Homework piling up, stress on the rise, 

 But with friends by our side, we'll reach the skies. 


Lunchtime gossip, and cafeteria food,  

Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's crude.  

Navigating cliques, and teenage drama,  

As a junior, life's like a never-ending saga. 


But as we grow, we learn and find our way,  

With each passing moment, we seize the day. 

 Junior year, it's a journey we'll survive,  

For in these high school memories, we'll thrive. 

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