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Pride Advice

By Alicja Paruch

Volume 2 Issue 7

June 13, 2022

Pride Advice

Image provided by CommonPRObiz

Hello my dear readers, 

Since June is Pride month, to celebrate it, I would like to answer a few questions related to the LGBTQ+ community. 

"What do you do when your family doesn't support your transition?”

Firstly, congratulations on getting to know yourself this well; that was tough and worth celebrating on its own. To answer your question, this would depend on how strict your family is. If they do not want to help you with your transition, try to take small steps, with the help of people who do support you, your friends and other family members. It is all about the small victories. It also may take some time for your family to process the fact that you are transitioning, so try to be patient, but not passive. If starting this process poses a danger to you, you will unfortunately have to wait until you can do so safely.

“What do you do when someone in the gay community disrespects your identity?”

I would address it directly. Since they are in the community, they are more likely to have the knowledge to understand their mistakes. Talk to them, explain which of their actions and opinions you find disrespectful and stand up for yourself. The fact that they are a part of the gay community does not excuse them and is not a protective shield from mistakes. Nobody is perfect, so do not be scared to point out their wrongdoings and speak up!

“Where/how can I find local gay communities?”

First, consider joining The Alliance club at North. This by itself will open many doors for you. Try to explore where other members are active and see if those places are of interest to you. Besides The Alliance, you can ask your other friends and see where that will lead you. You can also try to find a friendly community online, but that might be less local than you would like. 

“What would you do if someone else was being cyber bullied for their sexuality/identity?”

If it poses no harm to you, stand up for them! It is hard to be assertive while being the victim of cyberbullying and if you can help them, try your best to! Show the victim they are not alone, reassure them that they are valid in their identity and make your voice heard. 

“How do you let a friend know you’re there for them when you suspect they want to come out?”

Make sure they know you are their friend and that you will listen to their problems, in a general way. Just being there as a friend who supports them will give them the cushion of security they will need. If they decide to come out, they will come to you. They need to build enough confidence and they need to feel safe enough themselves, you cannot help them more than just ensuring you will listen. Don’t push them, they will come out when it is the right time.

“What’s your opinion on Heartstopper?”

This isn’t really advice, but I will gladly chime in. I personally did not watch the Netflix series, but I have read Alice Oseman’s original comic. The warm story, the character development, and the representation drew me in, and I believe it could act as a tool for others to explore and to discover themselves further. Oseman created an inspiring depiction of the realities of being part of the LGBTQ+ community, and the struggles that come with mental illness. Even if I can’t recommend watching the show, since I haven’t watched it myself, the comic is definitely worth reading.

I hope this helps, and enjoy Pride Month!!

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