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Pumpkin Bars

By Elaine Ching, Nora Rivera, and Angelina Odone

Volume 2 Issue 2

November 19, 2021

Pumpkin Bars

Original photography by Angelina Odone

In the mood for Thanksgiving-themed treats with a twist? Try these delectable Pumpkin Bars!

What you’ll need:


2 cups and 2 tbsp all-purpose flour

½ tsp salt

1 cup powdered sugar

1 ½ cups unsalted butter

1 tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla


7 eggs

½ cup flour

2 ½ cups sugar

Pinch of salt

1 cup of pumpkin filling


Pre-heat oven to 350° Fahrenheit.

Cover pan in parchment paper.

Make the crust: In a medium mixing bowl combine flour, salt, sugar, melted unsalted butter, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes

Let cool for about 10 minutes

Make filling: In another bowl combine eggs, flour, sugar, and pumpkin filling.

Pour over crust.

Then bake for 25-30 minutes or longer if needed.

Let cool and enjoy!

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