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Ranking Holiday Desserts

By Unknown

Volume 3 Issue 2

December 23, 2022

Ranking Holiday Desserts

Image provided by Unknown

In celebration of the holiday season, it’s a perfect time to dwell on some of the classic desserts eaten by those celebrating! Below, I’ve listed a few holiday classics seen at the dining table, and while many of these may not appeal to you, they are some of the favorites I recommend you try if you haven't this holiday season.  



Linzer Tart Cookies: 


At the top of my list, I favor Linzer Tart cookies. If you’re unsure what these cookies are, they are jam-filled cookies (usually with raspberry jam) made from almond flour, which sets them apart from other cookies. The almond flour gives the cookie a softer bite than others, yet it also gives it a hint of almond flavor which meshes excellently with the taste of raspberry or any jam equivalents. These are my favorite cookies to make and eat, so for this holiday season, if you’ve never had the chance to try these, I definitely recommend them! 


Tres Leches: 


My second favorite holiday dessert has to be Tres Leches, and if you’ve never tried or heard of this one, it’s a classic Spanish dessert. For Christmas, my family and I always share a tres leches cake every year. It’s a sponge-type cake soaked in three different types of milk: regular milk, sweetened, condensed, and evaporated milk. So, if you’re a fan of cake and milky-like desserts, this one is one you should try! The milk seeps into the cake, making it soft-textured and causing it to melt in your mouth.  


Blueberry Pie: 



My third favorite dessert is blueberry pie, as it has a rich, sweet flavor that’ll only boost the good feelings you’ll have this holiday season or cater to any sorrow or sadness you may feel. Between the crust, filling, and lattice on top, what is there not to love about blueberry pie? Its flavor is unmatched during the holiday season and melts in your mouth, so if you want something sweet yet crunchy this holiday season, try blueberry pie! 


Gingerbread Cookies: 

Fourth, I love gingerbread cookies. They’re one of my favorite types of cookies, as the ginger flavor and snap of the cookie sets it apart from others. While it may not rank over some of the other desserts I listed, it still holds strong in this spot. The fun of decorating gingerbread cookies and houses with royal icing is unmatched, and the rich flavor from the ginger that seeps through these cookies is incredible. If you’ve never baked or tried gingerbread cookies, this is a holiday classic you can’t miss! 


Sugar Cookies: 


Last but certainly not least, sugar cookies are the holiday classic on this list. Whether from the supermarket or your grandma’s kitchen, these cookies are a holiday classic that almost everyone has tried and are tried and true. Sugar cookies are delicious, sweet, and simple in the best way, while they may be a hassle to bake and decorate, they’re worth the effort. The sweet but crispy bite of a sugar cookie is an unmatched classic holiday feeling, and the buttery nature of the cookie is incredible. While one of the more simple holiday desserts, sugar cookies are classic for a reason. So, if you’ve never baked them or would like to serve them and share them with your family and friends this year, I’d recommend this holiday classic.  

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