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Science & Technology

Seasons Everchanging

By Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 2 Issue 2

November 19, 2021

Seasons Everchanging

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look outside, up at the sky

watch the birds fly

is it summer or is it spring?

each one has something different to bring

summer brings fresh ice cream cones

while winter brings baked cranberry scones

spring's April brings showers

Leading to May's flowers

red, orange, yellow

autumn's leaves are so mellow

lay back in your rocking chair

breathe in the heavenly air

blizzards threaten winter's fun

that's when people miss the sun

snowball fights and winter lights

all of those longer nights

not too hot, nor too cold

flowers the color of gold

animals wake up from their slumber

dreading the hot scorching summer

lawns are ready to be mowed

parents trying not to explode

finally freedom is here at last!

the horrible days of school are in the past!

winter, summer, spring, and fall

four seasons in all

each brings in new excitement

all has their own enrichment

which one is your favorite?

winter with its hot chocolate

summer with its vacation

or is it your graduation?

fall with apple pie and pumpkins

or do you prefer spring's new beginnings

Whichever season you think is the best

they'll still pop up with or without your request

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