Senior Advice

By Tiffany Wong

Volume 2 Issue 4

February 10, 2022

Senior Advice

Image provided by Start School Now

As you go through high school, there will be a time you will have to choose your career path. It may seem difficult to determine; however, all you need to do is figure out what you are passionate about. The next step is finding the right college for you. You can base your college on the population, size of the classrooms, location, and your major. There are many websites to choose from to help you get through the tedious college process. Once you have found the colleges you want to go to, make a list of all the colleges you may wish to apply to. To keep in mind: never procrastinate, know your deadlines, and DO NOT STRESS. Make a list of all the due dates to keep yourself on track and to know when everything is scheduled. Try to get all the applications in as soon as you can. The faster you complete the college applications, the fewer worries you will have. Make sure for the 12th-grade summer assignment you choose to do your college essay draft so you may get yourself set up when September rolls around. You can always find examples of college essays on the internet, or you can reach out to any of the senior teachers for help. When asking for the teacher’s recommendation, you want to ask your teachers before school ends June of your junior year because some teachers might write the recommendations over the summer. If not, ask your teacher right at the beginning of September.

Otherwise, have fun and enjoy your senior year!