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Polaris, Fiction

Senior Year

By Shinedip Kundlas

Volume 3 Issue 4

May 18, 2023

Senior Year

Image provided by ibarna

Senior Year, a time of change and growth, 

A journey of memories, both bitter and sweet, 

The end of one chapter, a new one to greet. 


Days filled with laughter, moments of tears, 

The future lies ahead, beckoning us to explore, 

Senior Year, a time to cherish, to adore. 


Endless nights studying, preparing for exams, 

Counting down to graduation day, 

Senior Year, a time we won't forget, come what may. 


To the memories, the love, and the tears, 

A time of growth, of laughter, and cheer, 

A bittersweet ending, but a new beginning near. 

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