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Navrosedip Kundlas

Volume 4 Issue 2

January 16, 2024


Image provided by Elaine Ching

Our lives have many stages. 

A book to fill with many pages. 

Each chapter is a threshold to cross. 

Bringing new excitement and depressing loss. 


Chapter one begins our journey. 

Blooming taste buds with our first taste of turkey. 

Curiosity peeks at an early age. 

Ready to explore outside our house-like cage. 


Life moves quickly through early chapters. 

From running wild to learning manners. 

Learning happens at every stage. 

A new lesson in every pilgrimage. 


At first the school seemed to be amaze. 

Creating new friendships that set our hearts ablaze. 

As we get older, we make new connections. 

Enabling us to see the world in different perceptions. 


Twists and turns arrive at every corner. 

From meaningless banter to harmful chaunter. 

Elementary to middle to high school. 

A whole new set of fish in a bigger pool. 


Leaving high school seems like a dream. 

However, when reality sits in, it's hard not to scream. 

Adult life isn't easy, it isn't what we think. 

We start to miss the days when we couldn't drink. 


Soon enough, we have our own family. 

It's hard to keep track, it's happening so rapidly. 

Our children go from a baby to a teen. 

Things change so fast; we can't believe what we've seen. 


The time comes to let them go. 

That's when our mind wanders to long ago. 

When the moment arrives, we'll look back, one last time. 

At all the shifts that lead to this one last prime. 


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