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Six of the Best LGBTQ Manga Must reads for the Sixth (and best) Month of the Year

By Alina Khan

Volume 2 Issue 7

June 13, 2022

Six of the Best LGBTQ Manga Must reads for the Sixth (and best) Month of the Year

Image provided by Biblio Commons

1. Kase-san by Hiromi Takashima

This wholesome yuri manga follows the life of girlfriends Yui Yamada and Tomoka Kase as they go from high school sweethearts to lovebirds in college. With cute art and an even cuter plot, this adorable manga series seems like a gift of fluffy, warm feelings waiting to be unwrapped.

2. Boys Run the Riot by Keito Gaku

This manga follows the life of transgender boy Ryo Watari as he navigates the world of street fashion after launching a fashion brand with his friends. The series explores his dysphoria, his frustration with the world, and the burden of his numerous secrets that threaten to take him under. A recurring theme in this manga is self-expression through art, and how clothing for him can be an instrument of love just as much as an instrument of hate.

3. Blue Flag by KAITO

Blue Flag starts as what seems to be a traditional love triangle and ends in a pleasantly queer twist. Revered by manga enthusiasts in every community, this book is the kind of manga that everyone should read just because of how good it is, whether or not you are even looking for a read with queer themes precisely. The manga expands beyond romantic relationships and delves deep into the pool of friendship and the hardships that come along with it. The series finds these friends navigating the messy boundaries of their relationships with one another and learning to care for and support each other in meaningful ways.

4. Bloom into You by Nakatani Nio

This yuri manga combines themes of unrequited love, loss, misunderstandings, heartbreak, and revelations to deliver at its core a truly breathtaking love story of two damaged people coming together and helping each other blossom into the best versions of themselves. It also delves deep into themes of self-discovery and the brokenness felt worldwide by LGBTQ+ youth who feel out of place for not fitting into the heterosexual norms.

5. Classmates by Asumiko Nakamura

With an endearing cast of characters and a striking art style, Classmates is a lesson in patience, trust, and love from start to finish. Steeped in the sticky sweetness of first love and the earnest adoration that goes hand in hand, main characters Kusakabe and Sajo gravitate toward and collide with each other, allowing the readers to experience their honeyed, light, and airy romance up close. The true appeal of the series lies in its implicitly simple loveliness.

6. My Love Mix-Up! By Wataru Hinekure

As the name implies, a slight twist of fate leads to a hilarious miscommunication in this manga, leading to the blossoming of romance between two classmates.The cast of friends find themselves in various situations, each more comedic than the last, and through these events, they find themselves growing closer together than ever. The manga starts on a witty and heartfelt note and carries a lighthearted atmosphere until the end. Fans of tropey romances and humorous misunderstandings will be greatly amused and satisfied with this series.

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