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SPO Club Presentation

By Carolina Figueroa and Rachel Ezeadichie

Volume 1 Issue 6

March 18, 2021

SPO Club Presentation

Image provided by Parents Website

The SPO (Student Peer Organization) club, advised by Mrs. Melluso and Mrs. Christiansen, recently presented an educational lesson to the 7th grade. During the event, my classmates and I learned about coping mechanisms and how to control our emotions. As a North student, the balance of school, extra activities (like sports, clubs, etc.), homework and socialization can be stressful, but SPO offered manageable ways to deal with tough emotions.

During the lesson, the SPO members taught the 7th grade students how to control and handle our emotions. My favorite activity was modeling the paper. During the lesson, my classmates and I first took a piece of paper and created it into whatever we wanted. I made a paper airplane, but other students created origami, paper snowflakes, folded the paper and so many other ideas. From this first paper activity, I learned that I have control over what the paper comes out as, and it’s the same with feelings. I am in charge of how I act and can only control myself. My emotions reflect on my actions, and if they get out of control, I may say or do things I might regret. Next SPO instructed my class to again design another paper project. After creating our first paper project, we used the same piece of paper and constructed something different. This time I folded my paper and created a bracelet while my classmates though of other ideas like shapes and more. SPO taught me with the second paper experiment that you can adjust the outcome of different situations This shows that with our feelings and emotions, they affect the outcome of a situation, but we can also adjust the issue if it takes an unexpected turn.

In the past, I have tried different ways to deal with my emotions. A majority of those methods were good, but they didn’t work for me. SPO gave me a new way to think about the methods I used to work with my emotions. Figuring out and sorting the feelings and situations I can and cannot control made me think about how I used my emotions and how I reacted to them. When I sat down and thought about it, I realized that there are many emotions I can control and some that I can’t. I even did the activities that SPO taught us again, so that I could really reflect. When I was done, I felt a little better about my life because I knew more about myself than I did before.

I would recommend that you sit down and think about how you have controlled your emotions in the past. It could help you figure out if you may need to change something in your life that you didn’t realize you had control over. It could also help you realize that you might need to stop trying to change something that you have no control over. Either way, thinking about your emotions and situations can help you better yourself. You can even use the activities specified in the second paragraph to do so! The SPO presentation really helped me progress in dealing with my emotions, and I feel that I learned great ways to help with coping and managing my feelings. I’m really looking forward to writing about SPO’s 2nd lesson!

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