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Story Behind the Shot 02

By Olivia Neuner

Volume 1 Issue 4

January 20, 2021

Story Behind the Shot 02

Original photos by Olivia Neuner

Welcome back to the  2nd installment of “Story Behind the Shot”! My name is Olivia and I have a confession to make; I was that crazy puppy girl in first grade. Ok… now that we have that out of the way, allow me to introduce you to my beagle, Daisy! Last year, after my acting coach made an Instagram for her dog, Winston, I decided it would be a fun idea to make Daisy one too. Over the year we have had the account, Daisy and I have made furry friends from around the world, including some dogs from England, Germany, and Japan. It has been a great way to “travel” during the pandemic.

(Top) Brought to you by my self-timer, this is my favorite picture and is currently my profile picture for my Instagram. I took this picture right after filming a lip-sync video for my musical theatre class. I had been in quarantine for a few months, and this was the first time I put on a nice outfit and makeup, making me feel confident and happy with my video. Daisy laid down next to me, and I felt it was only appropriate to get a picture on the best sunny day of the month.

(Bottom Left) This picture is from Daisy’s 11th Birthday at Hempstead Lake Park. My family and I throw our dog a party every year, and even during a pandemic we wanted to continue the tradition. We had a great day filled with walks and treats, and even a dog cake.

(Bottom Right) This picture features Daisy with her favorite drink from Starbucks; the puppichino. The drink is simple; but to us it’s more than just a free cup of whipped cream. During the first month of quarantine, my family and I feeling desperate for an outing hopped in the car and drove to our local Starbucks drive-thru. The line was over 30 minutes long, but nonetheless we were happy for any reason to get out of the house. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to go back once a week for the next few months; the time together in the car was a great way to catch up and clear our minds, and Daisy was always very excited to go for a ride. This picture was from the second time she ever had the treat, and her hesitant yet interested look is something I find translates well even if you don’t know her.

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