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Story Behind the Shot 03

By Eva Grace Martinez

Volume 1 Issue 5

February 12, 2021

Story Behind the Shot 03

Original photography by Grace Martinez

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third instalment of “Story Behind the Shot”! My name is Grace Martinez, and I’m the NORTH STAR’s photo editor. That means it’s my job to make sure every article we publish has a photo that goes along with it. In all honesty, I wouldn’t blame you if you read those opening sentences and assumed I spend every waking hour on Instagram. It’s an app full of people sharing stunning photography, so why wouldn’t I be? In truth, I had to reset my password to even write this article. Instagram is far from my favorite social media platform, but when given a shot to talk about photos I’m proud of, I knew I couldn’t waste the opportunity.

I should also probably address the other interesting thing about my account; there are no photos of my face. This wasn’t some kind of intentional faceless aesthetic. I just spend too much time behind a camera to capture anything of me in front of it.  With that being said, let’s dive into some photos.

First up is one of my more recent photos, which features a heavily edited view out a suburban window and a sky full of clouds captured mid sunset. This photo was taken after I had spent the day helping to clean up around the house. I remember seeing the sunset and finally being able to relax. It’s cliché, but there’s something about a sky turning to gold that just puts me at ease. Sadly though, those golden rays don’t always capture well on iPhone cameras. So, I began editing, and although I had planned to keep the editing minimal, one mis-click in lightroom later, I was stunned. Something about the intensity of the colors seemed too good to pass up, and on to my Instagram feed it went.

Second is a photo of a girl mid aerial, performing directly in front of a bright colored mural. This photo is still one of my favorites even years after I originally took it. This was the first photo that made me realize that people took pictures as more than just a way to keep track of things. There was an art to this, and it was a skill I wanted to learn. Even to this day I still love the contrast between all the colors in the photo. There are a few things that scream amateur to me now, such as the fact that my friend is facing the opposite direction, but I can’t help but love it due to all the happy memories it holds.

If you have even spoken to me once, you’ve heard me mention going to a concert. I have no shame in admitting it, I love live music (even if my bank account doesn’t). This last photo was taken in November of 2019, at the last concert I went to before the pandemic. It isn’t the most high-resolution photo I’ve ever taken, but it’s chock full of memories and some pretty cool-colored lighting. The way the blue spotlight can be seen faintly on the side of the image, and then how everything is so blue it almost hurts amazes me every time. Concert photos are often hard to take because of low lighting, and the movement of the crowds/artists. To have this one come out well was amazing, and I still take so much pride in the fact that this is the raw photo, completely unedited.

If you’d like to write our next “Story Behind the Shot,” please contact our Media and Entertainment Editor Garrick Neuner or our Chief Editor Mrs. Mansfield!

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