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Student Wellness Advisory Committee

By Jeselys Vazquez

Volume 3 Issue 1

November 7, 2022

Student Wellness Advisory Committee

Image provided by University of Wisconsin

Since September 2021, the Student Wellness Center has become an official program where students from all grade levels could participate. On October 17h, Ms. Kehoe, one of the school’s psychologists, made an announcement for the week’s activity, which was “Yoga with Ms. Lynn.” Every Tuesday after school, they have different activities that students can participate in and enjoy. In addition, another activity occurred on October 25th, which was the “College Application Information Session,” where students received a variety of tips and insights for when they apply to college.  

With the reminders on North High School’s Teams channel and morning announcements, the Wellness Center has become successful in more student participation and involvement with after-school activities. For example, one activity -- fall arts and crafts -- were more hands-on, and more students showed up. Recently, an exciting idea has been going around: dog therapy. The advisors will possibly start looking to have dog therapy as an activity for the end of November, which would be awesome, if you ask me.  

Also, in December, the Wellness Center will start the Student Wellness Advisory Committee (S.W.A.C.). In a couple of weeks, a survey will be sent out for students to sign up as a chance to become an ambassador to represent your grade level. The application will be selective, but the more people that sign up, the merrier. Students in grades 10 through 12 will be Senior Wellness ambassadors, and those in grades 7 through 9 will become Junior Wellness ambassadors. I would highly suggest looking into it because it can be a wonderful opportunity for you to make new friends, learn leadership skills, become more involved with the school, and add to your transcript as an activity you did throughout your school years. Also, you would work with the Wellness Center Staff to produce ideas for activities and themes that help promote all our areas of wellness. So hopefully, the S.W.A.C will be a success in December.  

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