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The Amazing Kayla Santo

By John McCarthy

Volume 1 Issue 5

February 12, 2021

The Amazing Kayla Santo

Original photo by Kayla Santo

Today, we are featuring one of the most incredible athletes at North and beyond, Kayla Santo. She is a three-sport varsity athlete, and has played sports all of her years at VS North. Not only is she a three-sport varsity athlete, she has been a varsity athlete for four years already, and she’s only in 10th grade. Many athletes only start playing varsity sports in 10th or 11th grade. For Kayla, she played Varsity Softball in 7th grade: he only one to do so, ever. Moreover, her talent at an early age doesn’t stop at softball; she started playing Varsity Girls Volleyball and Varsity Girls Basketball in 8th grade. In a virtual interview with the amazing Kayla Santo, she gave inspiring answers to my questions. Here were her responses:

Q: How do you balance your schoolwork with practices and games?

A: “In the past I’ve learned to make a schedule to help me get through the day with less stress. My normal routine that I follow now is I do my homework right after school and try to get it all done, then I will go to practice or my games and if I don’t finish my homework before I have to leave I will finish it before I go to bed.”

Q: From what I understand, you played Varsity Softball in just 7th grade. How did playing with older students make you feel, and how do you think it has affected your athletics later on?

A: “At first I was really nervous and excited because it was a whole new experience with people I’ve never met before, but as the season went on I became super close with them and created great friendships. Playing with the seniors especially has taught me a lot. I believe playing with them made me stronger mentally and physically because they always pushed me to be my best as well as learning to understand and trust new people that I’ve never played with.”

Q: How much of your personality do you think can be explained by sports?

A: “I believe a lot of my personality contributes to sports. With my team in practices I would definitely say I’m very energetic (even in the mornings) and I absolutely love to hype my team up. When it comes to game time I get really competitive mostly because I am kind of a sore loser but I think that benefits me and helps me get through the game strong.”

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give our young athletes at North?

A:  “For anyone who wants to branch out and try new sports, now is definitely the time to do so. Playing another sport or a new hobby can teach you so many interesting things that you never knew and can really bring a light into your life.”

Q: Finally, favorite sport?

A:  “I would say my favorite sport is definitely softball. I’ve played softball since I was 6 and It has shaped me into the person that I am today. I wouldn’t give it up even if I was offered $1,000,000.”

As you can tell from her answers, Kayla is a dedicated student-athlete and has great passion for all the sports she plays. A true inspiration for young athletes looking to defy the odds, only a sophomore, Kayla still has much left in her sporting career. Whether it is on the court or outside on the field, she will continue to do amazing things. Go Spartans!

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