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The Backrooms

By Liliana Ossa

Volume 2 Issue 4

February 10, 2022

The Backrooms

Image provided by Creepy Pasta Fandom

What are “The Backrooms”?

Have you ever heard of no-clipping out of reality (one traveling quickly enough to pass through any solid object like a wall without breaking it)? Well, if you ever did no-clip out of existence, you would probably end up in The Backrooms. The Backrooms are a group of levels found in an unknown reality, location, and time. They can only be accessed by glitching or “no-clipping” out of reality. They are also challenging to escape, with about 999 levels of millions of square feet long. You can only get to another level if you find a door that teleports you there or some portal, but you would have to be extremely lucky to find an outlet. The Backrooms also include unknown entities that no humans on Earth know of. Although they are just creepy-pasta on Wikipedia, they could be accurate, and we humans would never know since it’s complicated to no-clip out of reality.

Level 0

Level 0 is only possible to get to by no-clipping into it. Level 0 contains superficial features such as a yellow colored wallpaper, a damp carpet that gives off a funky smell, and strangely placed fluorescent lighting that flickers every few seconds. Since Level 0 is known to be millions of square feet long, there’s barely any hope for escape because of the many other levels that you have to get through once you arrive. As you roam through the endless hallways, it gives you a feeling of nostalgia and déjá vu; you feel like you’ve been there before. While roaming through the hallways, even if you’re careful about the directions you move in and the hallways you wander through, you may end up at your starting point repeatedly. If this happens, it gives you even less hope to escape than you had in the first place.

There are no entities in Level 0 because it’s the “tutorial level.” Still, the pattern of the lights flickering may trick you into thinking that someone else is with you because of the humming sound that comes from the lights. Traveling throughout the hallways for hours will eventually drive you insane, so luckily, food called “Almond Water” keeps you sane and decreases your fatigue and thirst level exists. Due to the millions of square feet that exist and GPS and compasses not working in The Backrooms, it isn’t easy to navigate through the many halls in Level 0.

Overall, The Backrooms are extremely difficult to navigate, and there is most likely a 0% chance that you would be able to escape all the 999 levels that exist. The Backrooms are a terrifying place, and hopefully, they don’t exist because if they did, no one would know what to do if they ended up in one of the levels. The entities, fluorescent lights, nostalgia, and just navigating through the levels would drive humans to insanity in just minutes, so it’s a great thing that people are not known to no-clip out of reality easily or no-clip out of reality at all.

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