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The Comeback of Winter Track and Field

By Joseph Garofalo

Volume 1 Issue 4

January 20, 2021

The Comeback of Winter Track and Field

Original photo by Coach Michael Frazer: Ryan John, Junior, 300m

January 4th was a great beginning to the new year for many student athletes across Long Island as low and moderate risk sports could begin playing again. Though many sports are still on hold in the modified Winter season, such as all Junior High Sports and JV/Varsity Basketball, New York State classifies Winter Track and Field, Fencing, Rifle, and Gymnastics to be low and moderate risk sports, allowing these teams the ability to return to a sense of normalcy. As a track athlete myself, it feels a little strange due to all the new protocols; however, it is a great feeling to be back on the track. As we are two weeks into the season already, the protocols have become normal rather than a distraction, and we are all hard at work again.

On the first day of practice, we began in the gym, all 6 feet apart with masks on as Coach Frazer and Coach Boyens instructed us in the new rules. Some included masks while we run, indoors and outdoors where we cannot keep 12 feet of social distancing, sanitizing weights, poles, and other equipment before another person uses them, and no more indoor meets at St. Anthony’s High School in Huntington, which to many, was the best part of the meets. All this aside, many aspects were still the same including many events, practices, and just our team being together in general.

As we were hard at work the past two weeks, Friday, January 15th was our first track meet in the “new normal.” With it being held on our home field, and with only North athletes attending, it was a great success even with the cold weather. Many athletes got outstanding scores for their first track meets of the season including junior Ryan John who jumped 20 feet - 3 inches in the Long Jump, and Senior Danielle Phillip who had a 45.00 second run in the 300 meters (both former state qualifiers). We also had great performances by 9th graders Nicola Petruccelli, Zaiden Jackson, and Nattaly Lindo in their first meet on the Varsity Track and Field team. It was a great feeling to be back, and we hope to see other sports return soon. Do your part by wearing a mask and keep your physical distancing up so that many other athletes can participate in the modified Fall and Spring seasons.

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